Johny Aasgaard

Johny Aasgaard is a seasoned guitarist and vocalist from Norway. He is now about to step out in to the spotlight with his own songs after having been a sideman for many years with many of the famous artists and musicians in Norway (like Jonas Fjeld, Jørn Hoel, Rita Eriksen, Olav Stedje, CIA, Knut Reiersrud, Vidar Busk, Bent Bredesen, Jørund Bøgeberg, Olaf Olsen....).

Johny has released his first single, "Collecting" on July 17, 2017. Another single "Long Winter" will be released in September 2017 and will be followed up with an EP towards the end of the year.

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In 2014, wrote the following:

"CIA in the 90's was an exciting band. I remember I was with the band one day to play for the inmates behind the walls of Oslo Prison, behind the same gate as Egon Olsen always came out of when Olsenbanden had a plan. I never forget that experience. .... the seriousness they went to the concert with the way they approached their intended audience, and not least a few moments where guitarist Johny Aasgaard delivered solos as well as only a Knut Reiersrud in Buddy Guy mood comes up with in this country."


Johny Aasgaard Albums

The Past (Single) - Release Oct 2017

Long Winter (Single) - Released Sep 2017


Collecting (Single) - Released July 17, 2017

Johny Aasgaard - Vocal, Guitars
Eivind Kløverød - Drums
Finn Tore Tokle - Bass
Thomas Landaas Eriksen - Keyboards