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"Latenighters Under A Full Moon"

Berdon Kirksaether is a Norwegian composer, guitarist, singer and music producer. He is a veteran on the Norwegian blues scene, most notably through his work in CIA, arguably one of the finest bluesbands in the country in their prime. They toured Norway extensively during the nineties and released two critically acclaimed records.

Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings brings together 2 of the 4 founding members of CIA. Stein Tumert is joining forces with Berdon to bring back the energy and groove that made CIA one of the most popular blues acts in Norway in the nineties. In addition, Olaf Olsen, Finn Tore Tokle and LeoVolskiy, all well known musicians from Norway and Germany, are adding their mark on the album

“Latenighters Under A Full Moon”

Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings' new album “Latenighters Under A Full Moon” tells the story of a tightknit group of buddies doing a “tour-de-force” through a Saturday night. The album contains 11 songs, all instrumentals, describing what the group of friends go through during this night. Anchored in the blues the album moves through the night with various diversions into jazz and latino grooves.  It starts with the guys warming up and getting into party mood. From there Berdon takes you through the night with all its emotions, ups and downs, visiting clubs, drinking, chasing ladies and soul searching while some of the group has to throw in the towel as the booze density gets too high, finally ending up with three of the guys still standing after all the proceedings, crawling home late at night under the full moon – Latenighters under a full moon!


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1. Go Cat Go
2. Cool Cats On The Move
3. Conrad's Bar Bounty
4. Rendezvous
5. Jumping The Night Away
6. Midnight Haze
7. Another One Going Down
8. Take It Away, Takeaway
9. Pitstop By The River
10.Walk And Your Feet Will Follow
11. Latenighters Under A Full Moon


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Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings (Per Eriksen, Stein Tumert) Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings (Per Eriksen, Stein Tumert) Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings (Per Eriksen, Stein Tumert)

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"Latenighters Under A Full Moon" Album Info

Berdon Kirksaether - Guitars, Bass Guitars
Stein Tumert - Bass Guitars, Keyboards
Olaf Olsen - Drums, Percussion

Additional musicians:

Øyvind Sørby - Saxophone (2, 3, 8, 9, 10)
Finn Tore Tokle - Bass Guitar (4)
Leo Volskiy - Hammond B3, Yamaha Grand Piano (1, 3, 10)

All the songs on "Latenighters" are composed by Berdon Kirksaether. Arrangements by Berdon Kirksaether and Stein Tumert.

Latenighters was recorded at BK studio and Olaf Olsen studio, both in Vestfossen, Norway, as well as NBNW studio in Hamburg, Germany. The album was produced by Berdon Kirksaether and Stein Tumert. Mastering by Otto Burl at Kaiser Keller Hamburg, Germany.