Berdon Kirksaether

Berdon Kirksaether is a Norwegian composer, guitarist, singer and music producer. He is a veteran on the Norwegian blues scene, most notably through his work in CIA, arguably one of the finest bluesbands in the country in their prime. They toured Norway extensively during the nineties and released two critically acclaimed records. As well as being composer, singer and guitarist in CIA, Berdon has been working in several musical genres throughout the last 25 years, such as: poprock, acoustic, jazz, rap, latin and blues/roots and rock.

Berdon's latest projects include a variety of styles ranging from his bluesrock trio The Ground, Gjermund Andresen & Berdon Kirksaether (Folk/Roots, acoustic outfit), Twang Bar Kings (blues) and Norwegian rockband Ukrutt. This versatility characterizes his new all instrumental album "Ray Of Light" where Berdon brings together a wide palette of moods and musical colours with more than a hint to the desolate and remote Nordic nature. Together with his long time partner and brother in arms, Stein Tumert, Berdon takes the listener on a journey through nature, mind and imagination.


From FolkWorld, issue 56, March 2015"
"This record has been out a while, but I am happy to have given it a listen. It is from a Norwegian composer/guitarist. At first, the quality was evident and I thought he might go into a new age direction. But as the record went on, he brought in an array of styles into the songs keeping things not quite rooted in any genre. At times it will sound new age, at others like an intriguing soundtrack, while occasionally flashing roots moves. The guitar work is excellent and it is an interesting album. - © David Hintz"

Steve Hackett, famous guitar player (ex Genesis) sent us an email regarding Berdon Kirksaether's album "Ray of Light". Steve said "I enjoyed Berdon's playing and
found the album very atmospheric."

"Over in Germany, Roller Records is releasing some interesting CDs by Norwegian guitarist Berdon Kirksaether. A guitar player on the rise, Berdon’s 2010 CD Ray Of Light is an intriguing, New Age type affair filled with relaxing instrumental sounds. Too laid back to be considered jazz, the 12 track, 37 minute CD just kind of floats along and makes a great soundtrack to some late night, imaginary type of fantasy...."

Robert Silverstein - (US)

Berdon was recently interviewed on (US). You can read the full story here: mwe3 interview bk

Berdon Kirksaether Albums

"Mirror of a Mountain" - released February 2022

"Sketches vol.2" - released November 2015

"Sketches vol. 1" - released October 2015

"Ray Of Light" - released November 2010

Berdon Kirksaether - Guitars, Mandolin, Bass Guitars, Keyboards
Stein Tumert - Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Franz Mikkelsen - Drums, Percussion

The songs on Ray Of Light are composed by Berdon Kirksaether, except for Mando Folque and MåneSol which are written by Berdon Kirksaether and Stein Tumert. All songs arranged by Berdon Kirksaether and Stein Tumert.

Ray of Light was recorded at BK studio, Vestfossen Norway and Northern Lights Studios in Zurich/Hamburg (Switzerland/Germany). Engineered by Berdon Kirksaether and Stein Tumert. Produced by Berdon Kirksaether. Mastered by Otto Burl at Kaiser Keller Hamburg, Germany.